Holy Family Catholic School

Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System

Day of Giving

Day of Giving

The Day of GRACE is just one week away!
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GRACE's New Family Referral Program

GRACE’s New Family Referral Program

We are excited to announce GRACE's new Family Referral Program!
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Welcome to Holy Family Catholic School, Green Bay’s west-side Catholic School!

Holy Family has a longstanding tradition of inspiring faith, family values, and excellence in education since 1954.

We provide a superior education in an engaging, faith-based environment

that cultivates the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical development of every child.

We are excited to make connections with students, parents, and the greater faith community.

We are driven to ensure that every student attending Holy Family learns at the highest level.

Principal Jere Kubuske

Student, Holy Family Catholic School

Testimonial 4

I think it's important to always do a good job no matter what you're doing, because what you do now prepares you for the future. And Holy Family is helping prepare me.

Mrs. Taylor Kottwitz
Teacher, Holy Family Catholic School

Testimonial 5

I want students to not only remember the information they learn, but understand how they can use their knowledge in real life after the bell rings at the end of the day.

Student, Holy Family Catholic School

Testimonial 3

Holy Family has amazing students and teachers! I learn a lot and have a great experience, but still have tons of fun!

Student, Holy Family Catholic School

Testimonial 2

This school makes people the best they can be. When I first came to this school, the teachers helped me feel more confident and I soon learned to love Holy Family. It helps express your faith and be a better follower of Christ. I have met so many great people and have made great friends. It is all thanks to Holy Family.

Mrs. Courtney Wedan
Teacher, Holy Family Catholic School

Test Quote 1

I love being able to help our students and provide the opportunity for them to learn. I love it when I can make the ‘light’ shine in their educational journeys.