Events & Fundraisers

Events & Fundraisers

Holy Family School Event Calendar

One of the most important and impactful changes has been our commitment to exceeding our TSF Goal as a school. Yes, every dollar that goes toward TSF impacts our school. However, every dollar over our TSF goal goes directly back to Holy Family for whatever projects, improvements, or updates we feel we need. HASA, Booster Club, and Site Advisory Council have created the Holy Family Event Calendar with a goal of raising funds we need to make the improvements we want, but also to rebuild that feeling of family and community that has been lost over these past years.

Fund Raising for Holy Family

For the 2023-24 school year, Holy Family Catholic School is required to raise $55,000 through third source funding to meet our GRACE financial commitment. The money raised to meet this requirement will be sent to GRACE to cover the operating costs for our school and other GRACE wide expenses. Once that commitment level is met, any additional money raised is used to benefit our school based on the priorities determined by Holy Family.

Third Source Funding (TSF)

Money raised from these events will be used to meet our Third Source Funding goal set by GRACE. Additional monies earned above and beyond this goal are used to benefit the school based on the priorities that Holy Family sets each year.

SCRIP Preschool parents are required to accrue $100 in Scrip profits; parents of children in Kindergarten through eighth grades are required to accumulate $200 in Scrip profits. Families who do not meet these requirements will be billed for the balance on May 1, 2024.

Once a family has met their goal, sixty percent of the additional profits from Scrip purchases will be applied to tuition for the following school year. Refunds cannot be granted for families not returning to Holy Family Catholic School, and refunds will not be transferred to other system schools.

Home and School Association (HASA)

The money raised from these events will be used to support the students and staff of Holy Family as deemed appropriate by HASA.

Booster Club

Funds raised by Booster Club, which falls under the umbrella of St. Agnes Parish, will be used to support the athletic programs in which Holy Family students participate.

Volunteer Service Hours

Each family is required to give 20 hours of volunteer service per year to one or more of the school’s fundraising projects. Hours not worked will be billed in May at $40/hour not completed. Preschool parents are required to serve 10 volunteer hours. Families are required to track their own service hours.

HFS Comet Calendar

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