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One of the most important and impactful changes this year is our commitment to exceeding our TSF Goal as a school. Yes, every dollar that goes toward TSF impacts our school. However, every dollar over our TSF goal goes directly back to HFS for whatever projects, improvements, or updates we feel we need.  Enhancing our Library/Media Center is our school goal this year. Ms. Kirsten Dean, our new Librarian/Media Specialist has wonderful ideas and visions for our space, but we’re going to need your support to help us make that dream a reality.  We have some amazing parent leaders who have stepped up to help champion this effort. HASA, Booster Club, and Site Advisory Council to name a few groups are excited to share the Holy Family Event Calendar with a goal of raising funds we need to make the improvements we want, but also to rebuild that feeling of family and community that has been lost over these past years. 

Please follow these steps to learn more about the efforts, events, and process.

Step 1: Click here → Why Support Holy Family School Events?

Step 2: Download, save/print the event calendar here HFS – Event Calendar

Step 3: Read the Event Sign Up Instructions

Step 4: Open up the Event Calendar and Sign Up!

Taking part in experiences and hosting events can count toward your TSF hours.