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Teacher Spotlight: Andrea Barington

Andrea is a physical education and health teacher at Holy Family School! She loves to promote a cross-curricular approach to her classes and believes in the power that movement can have on a students’ academic success.

How do you integrate other subject areas into your physical education classes to promote a cross-curricular approach to learning?

When creating lesson plans, I draw from many different materials to create lesson plans that draw from a variety of sources. I also collaborate with other teachers across different subjects to see how my lesson plans for a certain week relate to current or past coursework in their classes. I also have used and adapted lesson ideas from other past physical education teachers within the GRACE school district.

How can teachers incorporate movement into their classrooms to help beat that winter cabin fever?

I would encourage teachers to implement a movement policy. For example, if the kids need to use the restroom/drinking fountain or sharpen their pencils, assign a movement or exercise to complete beforehand. Schedule time within your lesson plans for stretch breaks. Find creative ways to get the kids out of their desks and moving while learning.

What do you love most about teaching physical education at GRACE?

I love teaching physical education at GRACE because it’s a fun, supportive, and encouraging environment. I have a great staff that I work with daily that backs me up and encourages me to think outside the box. It is also such an honor to be able to teach physical education at a school where I can instill the love of Christ into these kids through active play.

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