Holiday hits🎶, Christmas cheer🎄, and Comet Pride☄️

Holiday hits🎶, Christmas cheer🎄, and Comet Pride☄️ were all in the air when our Comet Clubs met today. Each Comet Club spent time gathering together and then began work on decorating their meeting room door and halls! Great job Comets! #familycomesfirst☄️ #CometClubs

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Jere Kubuske

I am extremely delighted to have served as the Principal of Holy Family and been involved with the GRACE school system since July 2020. I have more than 15 years of experience in education, most of which has been as a teacher-leader. I am originally from Ohio (Cleveland area) and grew up the son of educators. Growing up watching my parents serve their students and their communities, I always knew it was what I am called to do as well. I have been privileged to be a teacher, coach or administrator in four states and in a variety of educational settings. I am honored to now have the opportunity to serve here at Holy Family.